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Is your hard drive is suddenly out of space?

Numerous times in the past month, I have had a client with a computer that has no free space on their system’s hard drive.

While this can happen organically, (ie we start saving more things that are large, like pictures and videos from our phones or cameras), in some of the more recent cases the cause has been a proliferation of files in a specific directory.

If you are running out of space on your drive, and it is a recent thing, check your C:\Windows\Temp folder for files that end in .CAB. In 4 cases recently, this folder had thousands of files that ranged up to 135 MB in size.

NOTE: if you cannot see the extension names, they may have been turned off on your system. On a Win 7 system, in File Explorer go to TOOLS – Folder Options, click the View tab at the top and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” line.

Windows Folder Options
Folder Options Dialog

You can select these items and delete them. In some cases, this has freed up as much as half the total space on the hard drive.