Spring Clean

All organizations should take a fresh look at their current IT solutions from time to time. Almost all companies can find themselves using solutions “because we always have” or not noticing problems or missing potential improvements.

In some cases, the data and methods that are being collected and managed are no longer necessary. It’s a good idea to establish who are the owners of data and methods. Ownerless data and methods should probably be archived off or discontinued.

In some organizations, we would have a review meeting once a year to justify the current tools and methods. If we couldn’t find a good reason to continue a method or saw opportunities to improve in the process, we would document and implement those changes.

These steps would reduce the possibility that we were using our resources wastefully.

Call or email, and we can do a review of your existing IT solutions.

I am trying a new feature of Office 365 and have included a link to a booking page. I have not transferred existing appointments yet so it looks wide open… I hope to hear from you!